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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My scrap space is finally ready. . .sort of.

Well, I finally got my craft space put together this afternoon. While it is not my "dream" craft room, it is an area dedicated solely to my crafting where I can make a mess and not worry about it.

 Is this not the cutest table you have ever seen?! I love that it is dinged up and scratched and worn.

My craft table is an antique enamel-top table that I absolutely love! It is red and white with little coffee cup decals in the corners and a coffee pot with a cup and plate in the middle.  There are leafs that extend on both sides and a tiny little drawer in the front that I can keep goodies in. I knew the minute I saw this that I would feel inspired every time I sit down to create, which has to be soon since my first assignment from Craft Warehouse has arrived.

Thanks for all of the suggestions when I began looking for supplies. It was definitely a big help.


  1. Wow... I want that table ;)

  2. Thank you but I cannot part with it! :) I love it because it makes me feel happy every time I sit down at it.