Adventures in Jewelry Making

So, my friend Wendy and I decided that we would like to branch out in our craftiness and try making jewelry. We went to Craft Warehouse's Open House this past Saturday and set upon our quest to buy a sauder iron, the accessories, and all of the baubles necessary to make necklaces. Well, Wendy was one of  the lucky winners during the number drawing contest and won the sauder iron, which meant we didn't have to shell out the bucks for tools. Instead, we took our extra cash and went straight for the sparkly stuff.

We ended up at my house where we crafted our hearts out until 12:30 in the morning! If you know me, you know this is very late. :) This the necklace that I made using bits and pieces from my scrapbook stash. The process was a lot of fun, but I definitely need to work on my saudering skills because it is so much more difficult than one might think.

Stay tuned for future adventures in jewelry making -- there is no telling what may happen next.